New Dye House and Energy Centre Project for CHC Group


CHC are delighted to be awarded Mechanical Contractor for Ulster Carpets as they modernise their yarn dying processes with the new creation of a new factory, further continuing our excellent relationship with MSM Contracts Ltd. 
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Works are underway at Ulster Carpets with the creation of a new factory that will replace the existing dye house, in order to modernise their yarn dying processes. As Mechanical Contractor on this project, the scope of works involves all of the process pipework required for the numerous dye machines, ranging from steam, condensate, hot & cold water, mains water, borehole water, compressed air, gas, drainage and specialist dye pipework. 

As part of the install we will be installing a heat recovery system in order to help Ulster Carpets recover as much energy from their dying process as possible, encouraging environmentally friendly processes. A complete install of new Bosch steam plant including a boiler, accumulator and associated equipment will be involved throughout the process of works. 

Works are due to be completed by December 2016.