Cadogen Place Works Completed


CHC works have now been completed at the prestegious Cadogen Place, London, for the conversion of victorian townhouses into apartments.  

Photo 30-08-2017 15 51 35 Photo 30-08-2017 15 52 04   

CHC Group Ltd were working in partnership with Cadogan Estates Ltd to manage and deliver all mechanical services to 28 – 30 Cadogan Place, London.

The property, a six storey array of three town houses set back behind private gardens, is sensitive with respect to planning and the retention of listed properties.

The building was previously arranged as a number of Victorian residential townhouses which were in a poor state, with failing mechanical systems and a short life expectancy. 

CHC Group, working together with other trades, has restored this building into highly prestegious, contemporay townhousesapartments, prolonging it's image.  

This project proved to be challenging due to the location & the timeframe available, however, it has been a very rewarding project due to the visable changes that have been implemented and the finishing style.

Photo 30-08-2017 16 03 37  Photo 30-08-2017 16 12 37  Photo 30-08-2017 15 56 41