Ulster Carpet Mills, Portadown

Mechanical Project

Ullster CArpet Mills

Client: Ulster Carpet Mills
Works: Mechanical Process Services Installation
Main Contractor: MSM Contracts
Contract Start: February 2016
Completion: December 2016

CHC, in partnership with MSM Contracts Ltd, were awarded Mechanical Contractor for Ulster Carpet Mills as they modernise their yarn dying processes with the new creation of a new factory.

As Mechanical Contractor on this project, the scope of works involved all of the process pipework required for the numerous dye machines, ranging from:
·         steam,
·         condensate,
·         hot & cold water,
·         mains water,
·         borehole water,
·         compressed air,
·         gas,
·         drainage and
·         Specialist dye pipework. 

As part of the install CHC installed a heat recovery system in order to help Ulster Carpets recover as much energy from their dying process as possible, encouraging environmentally friendly processes. A complete install of new Bosch steam plant including a boiler, accumulator and associated equipment will be involved throughout the process of works. 

Works were completed within time and budget according to the project specification.